About Us

PICKERS WAREHOUSE USA WAS CREATED AFTER many months of intense investigation, research and hard work. The biggest complaint we have heard over and over again is that Ocean and Monmouth Counties, have not been served well by the swap meets and flea markets currently serving those communities. Most are old and dilapidated outdoor facilities that haven't been maintained and lack the desired commodities and services wanted by vendors and shoppers. Most competitor facilities are tired, dirty, untidy and downright ugly, not exactly the type of place shoppers want to visit on a family outing.

ON THE OTHER HAND, PICKERS WAREHOUSE USA is modern, clean, large, new and well-managed. Our Multi-Million dollar facility is over 20,000 Square Feet large in an enclosed, air-conditioned and heated building with the area of an over sized airplane hanger. There's room to move, walk, rest and shop. Inside, there's every convenience you can ask for including well maintained modern bathrooms, a food court with spacious and comfortable place to eat, and an environment that is both interesting and entertaining.

AS YOU MOVE THROUGH THE AISLES, you'll be visiting with dozens of unique vendors and merchandisers who will be offering a unique array of gifts and products to buy or learn about. Altogether there are over 120 vendor spaces that are being filled daily with amazing stores offering all kinds of discounted retail merchandise and services.

THE TEAM OF SUCCESSFUL PROFESSIONALS BEHIND PICKERS WAREHOUSE USA have over 100 years of diversified collective businesses experience including Real Estate Development and Management, Retail and Wholesale Management and Mainstream Media Management. Together this assembly of talent and expertise lends itself to a rock-solid, well-financed media driven success formula that translates into a very special shopping experience.

THE FLEA MARKET UNLEASHED? We decided on that slogan because we don't want to be like every other flea market. What if a flea market had no restrictions? What if a flea market didn't look or feel like every other flea market? We want to stretch far and wide to make our market more interesting, more fun and more successful then any other flea market. In short: We care. We care about growing our business and we know the only way that will happen is if we take care of you, our shoppers and our vendors. We are committed to treating you with the utmost respect and we are committed to assuring that our vendors and shoppers will be pleased. Why? Because we are committed to your success whether you are looking for a wonderful shopping or vending experience. You can expect a certain flair and an experience filled with the unusual and the unexpected. We are planning a very fun environment with lots of surprises including unannounced Raffles and Prizes. Every trip to Pickers will be a treat. They'll always be something interesting going on.

HOW ARE WE GETTING THE WORD OUT ABOUT THE PICKERS DIFFERENCE? We are putting our dollars where our mouths are. Because we are committed to your success, we are lavishly employing the services of the mainstream media serving our communities. As of this writing we are telling the Pickers story both editorially and in our widespread advertising campaign on regional radio, 9 newspapers, Internet radio, email campaigns, social media and effective point of sale marketing in surrounding businesses and using signage along local roadways and organizing vast promotional campaigns. We have partnered with a diverse media network to get the story out. That means, we'll have the best of the best available vendors and a continuous stream of interested consumer traffic to support our vendors. All in all, PICKERS WAREHOUSE USA IS THE FLEA MARKET UNLEASHED!!! COME JOIN THE FUN!!